Nicola Wiid, Chairperson of Kovsies Agri, had the opportunity to attend the World Farmers’ Organization, General Assembly 2023, in Sun City. The WFO represents more than 80 national farmers’ organizations in 56 countries and 1,4 billion farmers worldwide.

“I want to thank SAAI from the bottom of my heart for the amazing opportunity to experience agriculture on another level. Meeting people from across the world and being nested with their inspiring stories. Seeing like-minded youth is an innovative outlook over sustainable food production with a positive impact on nature.”

Farmer-driven innovation is the key to unlocking the potential of the agricultural sector in response to the global crisis. Therefore, it is important to tackle climate change, restore ecosystems, and ensure a healthy and prosperous future for all. Research and data can be seen as our gold and soil health, the platinum.

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